At Jenkins Iron and Steel we manufacture durable, high quality, extremely affordable skid loader attachments. Our promise is to build the most durable and affordable skid loader attachments while delivering exceptional customer service.. Post & Tree Puller.This is a new tree and post puller attachment for a skid steer loader or a tractor loader. This is a great tool or attachment for uprooting small trees and shrubs. It features serrated teeth that allow the attachment to bite into what you are pulling out of the ground.The Grip-N-Rip Tree Puller pulls the largest trees of any tree puller in the market (up to 10" in diameter). Our patented tree puller allows smaller sized skid loaders to pull much larger trees while skid loader stress is virtually eliminated.Sidney Skid Steer Tree and Post Puller. The Post Puller for skid steers is an extremely useful all around attachment for pulling posts, trees, weeds, etc. It is built with today’s modern heavy lift skid steer and track loaders in mind.Post and Tree Puller Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders This multi-purpose Tree and/or Post Puller Attachment will grasp and lift up to 8 inch diameter Trees or Fence Post. It will allow the Operator to pull up unwanted small trees and shrubs without having to dig around the buried roots first.Skid steer tree and post puller multi-purpose grasping tool Jaws are 1 thick ar400 high strength steel Jaw and frame tubes are 4 x 4 x 3/8 jaws feature vertical and horizontal bracingTree Puller The Blue Diamond Tree Puller is an excellent tool for removing small trees and shrubs when the roots needs pulled out. The 4 rows of serrated teeth lock onto the base of the tree, then pry or pull roots and all from the ground, shake the dirt out of the roots and carry to where you want to set your removed tree or shrub.Tree Puller. Here an extremely useful all around attachment for pulling posts, trees, weeds, etc. X-Treme Root Grapple. Our X-treme Root Grapple is a necessity in the tree industry as well as for contractors clearing a lot for home site building.. Put your skid steer loader to work and save.Now it’s been relegated to lower-mid-range with Titanium, Titanium X, Vignale as well as sporty ST-Line and ST-Line X all.